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Antifa 15

From our perspective, antifascism is obviously necessary. Dealing with reactionary right-wing ideology is an unavoidable task in this country. National-Socialist and fascist ideas don’t merely exist in marginalized right-wing (so called) extremist groups, they root inside „democracy“ and they are common amongst large parts of it’s population. Our aim is not to defend bourgeoise society against nazis. On the contrary, we want to radically question and criticize the way this society is organized, as we think this is unbearable. The capitalist system produces sorrow and misery all over the world. Our lives are structured according to criteria of exploitation and utilization. Every day we have to face reactionary ideology, such as antisemitism, racism, sexism, nationalism and homophobia.

As an antifascist neighborhood-collective in Vienna we try to focus on recognizing and naming the different forms of these relations of domination (not only) in our closest living environment – in order to be able to fight them. Oppression has many faces – it does not only work as direct top-down repression. We also reproduce it in our daily lives. As a collective we do not only want to analyse and fight structures of oppression but also reflect our own behaviors and practices.