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Out on 1 May!

Demonstration – 1. May – 16.00 Uhr – Votivpark

Winners of the crisis?

Since 1890, May Day has stood for the worldwide connection of all workers and wage dependents. The basis for this was the realisation that, together with the vast majority of humanity, we are on the side of the losers, in other words, we are exploited and cannot live our lives in dignity and self-determination. This gave rise to political optimism, strength for social struggles that improved all our lives (universal voting rights, holiday rights, health insurance, reduction of working hours, etc.). Today, on the other hand, many workers think: “I’m one of the winners, I’m still doing better in comparison!

no future?

But where does the current bad attitude come from, the real feeling that everything is becoming more expensive, more corrupt, more exhausting, more incomprehensible? The progress optimism of the 1970s: “We are all doing well” became: “at least many” became: “at least me and my family”. Why? Because we have come to fear that soon only a few will be doing well.

When everyone is running around frantically to keep up their class, it becomes uncomfortable! First, some acquaintances, some friends, and next, perhaps, you yourself, come under the wheels. Social inequality increases dramatically. Central social promises can no longer be kept and collective dreams are shattered. Imagining the end of the world now seems more realistic than a better future: key words: climate catastrophe, pandemics, new global conflicts and wars, economic crises and hyperinflation.

Spirit of May Day!

In the midst of fear we cannot think clearly. The spirit of May Day is the antidote. May Day stands for the simple that is hard to do – for a global alternative of solidarity: the classless world society. When utopias die, dystopias take their place. Let’s be honest, in which film that has become real would you want to be in? Zombie apocalypse or love story?

Let’s look at positive developments: In the home office, we don’t miss the office and want more free time with full pay. We are worth it! When it comes to pushing overtime, we don’t care about the appreciative clapping. We want sustainable working conditions or we want to quit! Unemployment has lost the stigma of self-infliction. We allow ourselves to have it (if we have acces towards unemployment payment)! Instagram, twitter or tic toc are no compensation for real contacts, they make us more nervous and dissatisfied. We need human empathy! In lockdown we go out into nature because our flats are too expensive, too small. We demand affordable housing and an intact environment!

Real utopia!

After two years of pandemic we see many things more clearly, now it is time to become active. In Vienna, resistance is rising against the capitulation to the climate crisis, against the elbow war of individuals, against armament and war. For a better life for all!

All over the world, many people take to the streets together on 1 May. The diversity of concerns is not a weakness but our strength. We share the same horizon. Maybe also with you? Courage for utopia! Because things will not stay the way they are. Exchange ideas, ask questions, organize yourself. In solidarity through the crises, towards a better world!