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Stop deportations Vienna

We are a group of activists from different anti-racist contexts, who came together in order to act collectively and effectively against deportations and to interfere in the racist discourse. We support persons who are under threat of deportation, try to inform them about their options and try to stop deportations together. It is important for us to approach people directly, challenge hierarchies and privileges and establish an emancipatory dialogue with migrants. We stand in solidarity with all persons concerned, no matter where they come from and why or where to they should be deported. We work independently from state organisations and NGOs and don’t have any financial resources. What we can offer, is support and our knowledge from practical experience.

We view solidary support and the display of racist regimes of deportations and lagers, which are rooted in the logics of capitalism, as part of an emancipatory practice that needs to attack nationalist and racist politics and positions. Thus, we also work in queer-feminist and anti-fascist contexts, so that we can fight the systems of oppression together. Meeting each other respectfully, we share our knowledge, resources and ideas so we don’t have to stand idly by the next time a person is to be deported.