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On the way to the demo

It may be helpful to keep you updated about the latest events before you go to a demonstration. You should inform yourself beforehand whether you are going to a registered or spontaneous demo. It can also happen that a pending assembly is banned by the police and you unconsciously go to an understatement gathering. For this reason, please check the mobilization pages of the organizers or the news portal Write down the legal aid number. It is helpful if you are already in the run-up to which Route is planned, in which places you pass and where the final rally is planned. You should always try to go with other people together to a demo. In the best case, you form a reference group with a few friends you can trust. As a reference group, you stay together during the demo and leave it together again. This is not just fun, but above all safer. It is useful to discuss the behavior in certain situations beforehand. There should be room for fear and uncertainty of individuals. Look at the demo to see if everyone is doing well and they can cope with the situation.
On the way to or from the demo, the police can go for identification and / or pocket checks. However, such a check must not be done without reason and not generally at all. The police must have a specific reason for this. 


What should I take on a demo (not)?

What you should definitely take
When you go to a demo, wear practical, comfortable clothes, as well as firm and convenient footwear. You should have enough to eat and drink. It may happen that during a demo you have no way to get these things to you. Take a plastic bottle, because it may happen that the police take your glass bottle. Pen and paper can serve, to note important details and also a city map can be helpful. With a water-proof black edding pencil, you can write down the legal aid number on your arm or lower leg, so you have the number in any case, you should need it.
If you need medication, put it in a sufficient amount and show your reference group where they are, so that they can give you in doubt these quickly. Take glasses instead of contact lenses, because you can lose contact lenses. In addition, contact lenses are particularly dangerous if you are in contact with pepper spray or other irritants, as the gas is under the lens and you can almost no longer rinse out.
You do not have to have an ID as an Austrian citizen, but you can be arrested in an identity check. Another person would then have to testify to their identity and prove their identity with their identity card.

As a non-Austrian citizen, you should definitely take an official ID with you because you have to carry your passport or other travel documents (visa) with you or keep them in such a way that you do not need more than an hour to get the documents. 


Better leave at home
Drugs and alcohol should not be consumed before or on the demo and therefore simply leave at home. Likewise, you should not take personal items such as calendars, address books, notebooks or photos with you, as they are sure to be seen by the police in case of arrest. Please also note that demonstrations in Austria are subject to a prohibition of disguise and weapons for demonstration participants. You do not need a photo camera on a demo. A demo is not a place for funny reminder photos. If you are to be arrested or a photo camera is confiscated by the police, the photos can strain you or other people and put you at risk. Very often there are demo photographers to whom you should leave the documentation. Whether you need a mobile phone you have to decide. If you take it with you, be aware of the dangers and try to minimize them. Do not store addresses and numbers, delete photos and SMS. A secure protection against interception and detection is only given when you switch off the mobile phone and take out the battery. In case of arrest, we recommend that you switch off your mobile phone, otherwise the police could view your call list, SMS and contacts. In some circumstances, you can provide the police with you or other incriminating evidence or insights into demos or personalities. In addition, the police may have the possibility to locate all the handynames that are in the vicinity.