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Demo against the far right „european forum“ in Linz

On the last weekend of October, in Linz the Congress “Defenders of Europe” takes place in the Redoutensäle rented by the state of Upper Austria. The congress is officially organized by the platform and the magazine InfoDirekt. Organizationally, the meeting closes directly to the right-wing extremist “Zwischentag” in Germany. The meeting in Linz brings together the current organizations and publications of German-speaking right-wing extremism (IfS, Sezession, Ares-Verlag, and many more). This group is supplemented by established elites from the field of national right-wing extremism as well as high-ranking parliamentary representatives of right-wing parties. The “Identitäre Bewegung” plays a major role, with which almost all the exhibitors are linked directly at the conference (Phalanx Europa, Wolf PMS). The conference in Linz is also distinguished by important organizers of the international networking and financing of current extreme rights in the international sphere (one percent, Natalie Holzmüller). The meeting in Linz is the largest right-wing event of its kind in the German-speaking world. It is also one of the largest, most important and also most publicly held meetings in Austria in recent years.