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The summit is over, but the repression continues..

On 20 September 2018, the EU heads of state and government met in Salzburg to intensify and coordinate the authoritarian drift that that EU countries have seen in recent years. Points on the agenda included an increased militarization of the EU‘s external borders, as well as extended surveillance and police powers. Therefore, activists gathered in Salzburg on 20 September to send out a clear signal against this „summit of authority, militarized borders and social control“ (NoS20).

The state‘s response to these protests has been repression. And one thing is clear: repression costs a lot of money, energy and nerves. Our support can only be effective as a collective effort! So get organised: collect money for the anti-repression fund, e.g. by hosting solidarity parties, or carry out actions in solidarity. If you have friends / comrades affected by state repression, make sure you have their back. – Find further information about the campaign against repression here

We will not be stopped by state repression!
We will continue fighting for a better world!