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Antifa Cafe: Social struggles in Greece with a member of anarchist group Rouvikonas

Thursday, 4.11, 19.00. Write us an e-mail to for the place the Anifa Cafe will take place that evening.

Rouvikonas, an anarchist group from Athens, tries since some years to contribute to the social struggle by direct actions with high medial attention and solidarity work. One member will speak about the political situation in Greece as well as the social movement. Also, he will locate Rouvikonas in this repressive environment and the struggles against it. Additionally, a sequence about Rouvikonas of the Film L’Amour et la Révolution (Love and Revolution) will be shown. This film from 2018 shows multiple selforganized projects and political groups in Greece.

The talk will be in English. Afterwards there will be time and possibility to have a drink together. Please note the Covid-measures, come vaccinated and if possible tested too.

Donations can be made against the repression Rouvikonas is facing at the evening or via bank transfer until 31st of October to the account of Rote Hilfe Wien:
Rote Hilfe Wien
IBAN: AT46 6000 0103 1036 9883
Reference: Athen