We are witnessing a diffuse interaction of economics, national security and social upheavals in Austria and Europe. Our time is shaped by phenomena which can be described as an expression of uncertainty – the crisis ladden developments of capitalism are becoming ever more apparent. The easy answer of many people to these developments is the longing and desire for a “strong leader” which should bring about stability. “Rather less freedom than chaos” is the commonly accepted notion.
This desire is activated and accelarated by many different sides, the authoritarians are in the offence: no matter if FPÖ, “Bloc Identitaire”, Turkish or Polish nationalists, islamistic and jihadi groups: they all promise a different political order meaning an uncompromising governing for their own “nation”, respectively. This “nation” is defined along the lines of nationality, ethnicity and/or religion.
The activation and acceleration of this desire is also due to the government: we are witnessing a normalization of political demands which used to be occupied by right-wingers. Not only the tightening of national security policies, massive surveillance, the reduction to the point of abolition of the right to seek refuge, but also the general authoritarian worsening of governmental action is mostly, if not being applauded, at least accepted as a new kind of normality.

In times of an obvious crisis, refugees – and others, which are not perceived as part of the national community – have to serve as the originators of societal problems. And when “foreigners” are made responsible and blamed for everything, the state is called upon as a protector of the national community.
But the state cannot prevent crises in capitalism from arising. It will not save us, because the state is part of the problem/issue/calamity. And it uses its force and authority, through laws, increasing armament and intimidation, if its legitimacy is challenged in crises ladden times. It needs to distract from its obvious helplessness in the face of global economic developments.
Antisexist, antiracist and antifascist fights continue to be necessary, but our critique needs to start at the root of the problem. Patriarchal capitalism as a complex system, which influences many different areas of all of our lives and regulates the rules of our daily interactions, must be attacked. The values of our inhumane achievement-oriented society are so extremely deeply rooted that it’s almost impossible to imagine a different practical experience let alone the possibility of a different society.

The campaign ” Escape the lethargy/helplessness/impotence” wants to encourage and mobilize everyone to organize activities and events against capitalism, the state and its authoritarian forming. If we want to escape the rat race of lethargy/helplessness/impotence, the continuous battles of defence, increasing isolation, separation and marginalization, we need a broad and strong radical left, capable of acting! Only if we organize ourselves and express our critique in actions and words transparently and comprehensibly, make it accessible to people and thus grow as a radical left, is change conceivable.

For a great life for everyone!

On June the 11th the neo-fascist organisation ”Identitäre” wants to organize their third rally in Vienna, Austria. Under the slogan “Remigration” the neo-fascists want to march through the streets. This is an explicit threat to everyone who will not qualify for their ideas of a pure race. The demand for „Remigration“ is nothing less than a call for pogroms. This year and once again we as antifascists will disturb them by any means possible! The rally on the 11th of June is an important happening for all extreme right wing structures throughout Austria and beyond. Not only its symbolical character but also its international reachout makes it a significant event for the far right.

The past marches of the “Identitäre” have been attended by Nazis from France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia. It is on us to block their march and to use the present discussion about the “Identitäre“ to show what they really are: violent fascists, who want the world structured after their racial and discriminating believes. During the movements of refugees and the migration to central Europe one could witness these self-proclaimed “warriors” for a pure society in action and the results of their paranoid craze. Breaking violently through antifascist barricades and attacking antifascists after a rally are just some examples of their actions which we find ourselves confronted with. The violent disturbance of a theatre play performed by refugees at the University of Vienna leaving several injured can be seen as a temporary peak of a series of attacks from the direct surroundings an from inside of the “Identitäre”. The explanation for this new quality of right wing violence is not only due to a process of radicalization, but also the fact that they get the space they aim to take.

Consequently, antifascist actions are necessary to confront and destroy reactionary groups like the “Identitäre”. This is, by any means, what we need to thrive for. Therefore we call out to everyone to plan and act in decentralized and creative ways on the 11th of June, the day the Nazis want to occupy the streets. Join us too on the evening before, when we will walk on these very streets to inform the neighbourhood about the Nazis and to show that a radical left critic of the sexist, nationalist and racist ideology of the “Identitäre“ is alive and sound!

Nazis are the result of our competition, exclusion and domination based society. Nationalism is not a dead ideology hold up by a few but how world affairs are put into context and need to be interpreted on all levels. It’s not about defending the status quo against the “Identitäre” – it’s about articulating and practicing critique on the present situation of society. Everything else would be playing down the brutalities that are taking place right here; right now.


Against the fortress Europe and its fans!
Abolish capitalism! Nationalism is no alternative!