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Call for a radical left block at the demonstration for humane asylum politics

The platform for humane asylum politics calls for a demonstration themed „Refugees Welcome! No to Fortress Europe!“ on march 19th.

The disgusting circumstances that refugees in Europe are confronted with – if they hadn’t already been driven to death by its militarised outer borders – show that nation states and supranational entities like the EU and their „solutions“ are not to be trusted. The discourse about flight and migration is continuously shifting to the right. Racism though, is not a problem that only exists in the far-right, but one that is deeply
rooted in our civil society. The inhuman demands of the FPÖ, which seek to additionally worsen the situation of refugees, are now being discussed openly and put into practice by the ruling parties. Events and demonstrations, as well as attacks on refugees and their accommodation facilities, carried out by the extreme right, take place every day in Europe. We will oppose these developments.

To demand open borders and an end to the restrictive asylum politics is one step into the right direction. This fight has to signify a rejection of the desolate capitalist routine, the world’s division into nations and the conjoint exclusion. A rejection of the racist and sexist division of society. We fight for the fall of the fortress Europe, for autonomy, freedom of movement and a good life for all!

Saturday | March 19th 2016 | 12:30h
Meeting point: Marcus Omofuma Square/MuseumsQuartier